it’s the weekend

Last night, our weekly date night took us to the dollar theater in town to watch The Amazing Spider-Man. I know we’re a few months late, but can we just talk about Emma Stone’s hair? No, okay. Anyway, we both loved it.

It was freezing after the movie, so we went home to drink hot chocolate in our winter cups while watching Up All Night.
This picture wants to be a Christmas card so badly, I know.

This morning, we woke up with the intention of going to the farmer’s market, but when we got to the park where it’s usually held, we found out that there was a marathon in town, so no farmer’s market. I tend to have a bit of a defeatist attitude, so I was like, “This is so disappointing, let’s just go home and go back to bed!” Tyson, always more adventurous than me, thought going to Main Street was a better idea.
Main Street is my favorite. It’s all antique shops and cute bakeries, and it’s very Stars Hollow-esque. We visited some of the little shops, and Tyson made the mistake of letting me go into a two story bookstore. They had thousands of books, and I could’ve spent all day in there. Tyson got a little restless around lunchtime, so we went home to turkey sandwiches, popcorn, and more episodes of Up All Night.

With summer definitely being over, do you know what that means?


We may or may not have a television problem… But what else are you supposed to do when you’re married?


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