six months

I can’t believe it’s already been six months since this happened:

I know that six months isn’t really all that long, but it’s still a big deal. Six months is longer than 57% of all Hollywood marriages. (Please don’t quote me on that. I totally just made it up.) Is it too mean to blame Hollywood on what I thought that marriage would be like?

I was raised on a heavy dose of boy-meets-girl scenarios, where the story usually went like this: boy meets girl seemingly through destiny, looks are exchanged, one likes the other, other begins to like the one, a misunderstanding happens, boy and girl overcome obstacle in order to be together, Liz Phair plays, couple lives happily ever after. Cue the happy tears as I push my empty bowl of popcorn away.

I love romantic comedies. I am not a cynic when it comes to love. I don’t roll my eyes when a girl drops her books and a boy picks them up as their eyes meet. I love the cliches, I love the music, I love the quotable lines, I love it all!

The problem is that real life is not a romantic comedy.

I always thought that the hard part was getting together. Then I got married. Even after just six months of marriage, I’ve learned that the hard part is staying together. You don’t get to see the staying together part in the movies. There’s no glamour in Sally telling Harry to put the toilet seat down for the thousandth time. There’s no romance in Matt replacing a light bulb without Jana asking him to do it.

The problem is that we only care about the easy, glamorous part. And love is not easy, or glamorous. It turns out that you have to work at a marriage. What? I’ve only been doing this for six months, so I don’t really have any tips on how to stay married. All I know is that ice cream is an important part of a happy marriage.

So of course we had to get some Aggie ice cream to celebrate our six month anniversary.

Happy six months to us!


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