fall means

We just welcomed fall last week, and since California doesn’t offer much in terms of seasons, I’m really excited to experience real fall for the first time.

Fall looks like the leaves on the trees on the top of the mountain changing colors.

Fall sounds like Coldplay’s “Till Kingdom Come” because it’s currently my favorite song, and I like it much better than the inescapable “Call Me Maybe” from this summer. And now it’s stuck in your head. Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy…

Fall smells like cinnamon rolls. Bonus: our apartment is so small (cozy?) that turning on the oven to make said cinnamon rolls is currently enough to keep it warm.
Fall tastes like warm hot chocolate with marshmallows in our special snowman cups.

Fall feels like being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and crisp air when you get too close to the window in the morning.

What he said.



the night we became true aggies

I can’t believe I haven’t written about this yet, but I just saw the pictures on my computer recently and I realized that I hadn’t…

One of my favorite things about Logan is how involved the community is with its university. There are Utah State posters everywhere and “aggie” everything. At the end of the summer, there was a poster hanging outside of all of the supermarkets that said, “Welcome Back Students” or something along those lines, and it had the Utah State colors as the background. That’s when I decided that I liked this, even though I’m not a student here. It makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger.

The first week of school, there was a blue moon. I’m not sure how a blue moon is different than a full moon, but I know that all blue moons are full moons, but not all full moons are blue moons. Anyway, on full moons, you’re supposed to go out and kiss an Aggie on top of Block A at midnight in order to become a true aggie.

That night, it had started sprinkling and it was close to midnight. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go out, but I love traditions, so we went. It was the first full moon of the school year, 80’s music was playing, and I felt like I was in a John Hughes movie. Once it’s midnight, the couples line up and take turns kissing on top of Block A. I thought it would be kind of awkward to kiss in front of so many people, but with the rain and the music… It was kind of perfect.

And now a blurry picture of the little card that they gave us to prove that we’re true aggies now:

I wish we’d gotten a picture of our actual kiss. Anyone want to hang out with us and be our third wheel photographer from now on?

library dates

I remember when all my friends that had gone to college in Utah started getting married. I would occasionally call one of my married friends on my walk back home from the library and listen to her as she complained about only going on library dates with her husband. Marrying young while either one, or sometimes both, of the spouses were still in college seemed so foreign to me. At the time, I couldn’t imagine being anything besides a college student, let alone a wife.

As I began my senior year of college, still no Prince Charming in sight, I felt a little sad that I would never get to go on these library dates. I felt like I was missing out on a fundamental Mormon experience. Sitting in the library, always wishing that I’d brought an extra sweater, I thought about what it would be like to have a husband who would bring me a Tupperware full of warm rice or some hot chocolate from Starbucks. At the time, that seemed like the most romantic thing someone could do for me.

A couple of weeks ago, I went on my first library date with my husband. I was so proud of how neatly his books were stacked inside his backpack. I tried reading the book that I’d brought with me, but I kept getting distracted by the other students in the library. I thought of the universe that each person around me was carrying within them. Maybe they were wishing for spouses who would bring them warm rice. It’s my job as a library date to make sure that my husband is never one of them. Don’t worry, I’m great at packing snacks.

And yes, I do miss college every single day. Especially this:

it’s the weekend

Last night, our weekly date night took us to the dollar theater in town to watch The Amazing Spider-Man. I know we’re a few months late, but can we just talk about Emma Stone’s hair? No, okay. Anyway, we both loved it.

It was freezing after the movie, so we went home to drink hot chocolate in our winter cups while watching Up All Night.
This picture wants to be a Christmas card so badly, I know.

This morning, we woke up with the intention of going to the farmer’s market, but when we got to the park where it’s usually held, we found out that there was a marathon in town, so no farmer’s market. I tend to have a bit of a defeatist attitude, so I was like, “This is so disappointing, let’s just go home and go back to bed!” Tyson, always more adventurous than me, thought going to Main Street was a better idea.
Main Street is my favorite. It’s all antique shops and cute bakeries, and it’s very Stars Hollow-esque. We visited some of the little shops, and Tyson made the mistake of letting me go into a two story bookstore. They had thousands of books, and I could’ve spent all day in there. Tyson got a little restless around lunchtime, so we went home to turkey sandwiches, popcorn, and more episodes of Up All Night.

With summer definitely being over, do you know what that means?


We may or may not have a television problem… But what else are you supposed to do when you’re married?


On Saturday, I had to drive down to Syracuse for some job training. (Yes, I am an employed person now! Let’s all jump up and down in unison.) Tyson decided to come with me, and we would make a day of it.

We stopped at the Hill Air Force Museum on our way down because Tyson really really likes airplanes. There are times when I’ll be talking to him, and he will hear an airplane. Whatever I’m saying is completely lost on him at that point; he’s looking through the nearest window hoping to catch a glimpse of the airplane. It was really adorable when we first started dating. Now… It’s slightly less adorable.

Anyway, at the Hill Air Force Museum, there’s about a dozen airplanes outside of the museum. You can see them from the freeway, and it makes me want to hold the wheel whenever we drive by because Tyson gets a little distracted. As soon as we got out of the car, Tyson is pointing at all the airplanes and telling me their names and which wars they’ve been in. I like airplanes as much as the next girl… Or maybe less, I don’t know. I just don’t have a whole lot to bring to the table. After a few times saying, “That’s a nice color,” and, “That’s a really big plane,” I run out of things to say.

Inside the museum, there’s even more airplanes. While Tyson took picture of the airplanes, I took pictures of Tyson because he just looked so happy that it made me happy. One of my favorite things in the world is listening to people talk about something that they love. It changes their whole demeanor, and it makes me care about what they’re saying, even if I have nothing to offer to the conversation. For me, it’s books. For Tyson, it’s airplanes.

happy husband –> happy wife –> happy life