an ode to school supplies

Tyson’s first day of school was yesterday. I had a job interview in Syracuse yesterday, and since Tyson would be at school, I had to go by myself. I fluctuated between singing along to our road trip playlist and crying on my way down. To get from Logan to anywhere below Logan, you have to cross a scary canyon that always makes me nervous even when I’m not the one driving. I got there safely, even though I was lost in Syracuse for about half an hour. Thanks a lot, Google Maps, for leading me astray.

After my interview, I was only a few miles away from Target, so of course I had to stop by. I stocked up on some things that we needed around the house, and then I ventured over to the school supply area by myself. 

Now, let me tell you about one of my vices. I have a school supply addiction. I own way too many pens, notebooks, markers, sticky notes, anything that could possibly help you on your way to scholastic achievement. But I will never have enough. There is no voice of reason in my head for anything that can be used to write or be written on. I want everything and in every color.

The worst part is that I don’t even go to school anymore, so I really had no business being in that area of Target. I practiced some restraint and only got some tape, index cards, and markers (you know, for Tyson!). I picked up a 24 pack of gels pens, then figured Tyson didn’t need them for school, so I wept quietly and put them back.

I got some Mountain Dew and fruit snacks for Tyson in hopes that he wouldn’t notice that those markers were actually for me. (He did. What college student still uses markers?)

Here’s to a new school year!


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