last week of vacation

Since Tyson starts school next week, we’ve been trying to take advantage of his last few days of vacation. In the past month that we’ve been in Utah, we haven’t really done as much exploring of the city as we would have liked. Some days, it would be so hot, and we would be so lazy, that we would just stay in our apartment all day. This week, however, we were all over our little corner of Utah like it was our last week here. Tyson’s the photographer in our family, so please excuse these bad quality cellphone pictures.

Here’s a picture of Tyson eating a Fat Boy ice cream sandwich at the Logan Aquatic Center, where our stake had a swim party last night. We got there when the sun was starting to go down, so the water was getting cold. I asked Tyson if that’s how cold it was going to be during the winter, and he laughed at me. That’s a no, right?

Here’s a picture of Tyson at the Aggie Creamery that’s within walking distance from our apartment, which is dangerous, because it’s so good. We toured their facilities a few weeks ago to find out how their ice cream was made, and I thought that that would cure us of our ice cream cravings. We went to the creamery twice this week, so clearly that didn’t work.

Here’s a picture of Tyson at the brand new Brigham City temple. We were able to attend the temple open house yesterday afternoon, and it’s beautiful inside. I can’t wait to go back.
It’s been a good week, and a great summer. I’m a little sad that Tyson’s starting school because it’s been so fun to just have him around all the time. It’s made our apartment feel like home to me, which I didn’t think was possible when we first moved in. We’d both lived in California for so long, that I worried that we would never adjust to living in Utah. But now that we’re here, I realize that any place can be home as long as we’re together.


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