the time we went back to the fair

On Saturday, we decided we would give the fair another try. You couldn’t even tell that it had rained the night before. I’m telling you, on Saturday night in Logan, the fair is the place to be. We walked around for a while, pondering the mortality rates of all the rides (okay, that was probably just me). We shared some chili cheese fries and thought it was sad that they didn’t have any weird fried stuff like the OC fair. I mean, who doesn’t want to try fried oreos?

After our chili cheese fries, we found the best cotton candy place. Two cotton candies for $5. Total steal. We asked some innocent bystanders to take our picture. Tyson held the blue because he’s a boy, and I held the pink because I’m a girl, of course.

We were looking at the cows, goats, and pigs, when I realized that I was having a really good time. There was country playing in the background, my shoes were muddy, and it smelled pretty foul, but I was happy. I had once wanted for my life to only belong to me. I wanted to write, to travel, to live a solitary life in a big city. I never thought that at 21, I would end up at a county fair with my husband, or that I would be so happy there. Life is funny sometimes. And my date was really cute, so there’s that.

And now some pictures of rides I would never go on: (Yes, I’m scared of heights. Yes, my husband’s going to school to be a pilot. Yes, I see the irony there too.)

Gun to my head, I’d probably go on the ferris wheel. But only if I absolutely had to.

I would never ever go on this one. It’s the kind where you’re spinning, then you’re upside down, and then you die. Of course Tyson thought that this one would be the most fun. Opposites attract? At least they were playing Britney Spears from her comeback years.


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