Bountiful times

We were blissfully unaware that our apartment didn’t have a microwave until we moved in. It’s just one of those things that we didn’t think of. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks heating up left-overs in the oven. In the oven! We might as well make a fire with sticks and stones and cook over it. We finally got tired of living in the Stone Age and we set off to Target with microwave dreams.

Once upon a time, going to Target was a regular weekly activity. But now that we live in Logan and the closest Target is 53 miles away, it’s.. an adventure!

After Target, we drove around Bountiful for a little bit.

We saw something kind of magical.

Bambi and his mom were just hanging out in someone’s backyard.

Then we stopped by the Bountiful temple. It’s kind of gorgeous.

By this time, it was probably 4:30 pm and nearly a thousand degrees (Fahrenheit), so we stopped by Tyson’s favorite frozen custard place. I’d never had frozen custard, but I had zero complaints. Think Costco’s frozen yogurt but creamier. I’m a fan.

And they had really cute water cups. (Blackberry shown for scale.)

After a quick stop at Tyson’s great-grandma’s house, we were on our way back home, our brand new microwave proudly sitting in our trunk. Microwave popcorn for everyone!


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