our last days in California

We spent our last days in California feeling the inevitability of becoming Utah residents. We wanted to revisit all of our favorite places as if we were dying, instead of just moving to another state.

We visited the Los Angeles temple on a Saturday morning. I don’t think the person that took our picture understood that we kind of wanted the temple in the background, but that’s okay. Trust me, that’s the LA temple behind us.

After a quick lunch at Tito’s Tacos that same Saturday (not pictured), we visited the original Sprinkles in Beverly Hills. If I could have anything from California right now, I’d probably want a Sprinkles cupcake. Anybody want to mail me a black and white Sprinkles cupcake, please?

We visited my family in Imperial for a little less than a week and got to spend 4th of July there. We also took family pictures, which was a lot funnier than it probably should have been. This is one of the decent ones that we took.

Like I said, funnier than it should have been.

When we got back, we visited the Newport Beach temple with Tyson’s family one last time. This temple is extra special to us because it’s where we got married. I wish we’d gotten a picture with his family, but we didn’t think of that.

Our last Saturday in California, we went to the Great Park for their anniversary celebration, which is where Tyson proposed a little over a year ago. In a way, I feel like it’s been longer than a year because so much has happened since that night in July where my favorite boy got on one knee and asked me to be his wife for time and all eternity. Cue the fireworks, literally. It was a nice bookend to our time in California. We’re nothing if not poetic.


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