pilgrimage to Utah

Last Monday at about 7 am, feeling a mixture of emotions, we packed up our little Coco and drove a thousand miles to our new home.

At 7:54 am, I was feeling brave.


This courage exhausted me, and by 8:04 am, I needed a nap.


We stopped for breakfast at Bob’s Big Boy, which we agreed has the best bacon in the world.


Thanks, self-timer.

The diner where we had breakfast was conveniently located next to the largest thermometer in the world.


It’s seen better days..

Of course we had to stop at the fabulous Las Vegas sign.


Then there was falling in love with a purse at the Kate Spade outlet in Nevada, almost getting blown away during a storm in Arizona, and finally Utah.


During this road trip, we discovered that Tyson has incredible tolerance for my being the worst co-pilot ever, that there is no place to get a decent Diet Coke in Nevada, that a gummy bear that has been dropped on the floor will fly quite gracefully out the window if any window is slightly cracked, and that Tyson will hold my hand regardless of how hot it is outside. Regardless, as I saw us getting further and further away from home, there were times when a wave of panic would begin to overtake me. But then, I would look over to my husband, and the fear would subside, if even just for a second. It made me think of the tiny piece of paper that I have been carrying around in my wallet since I found it inside of a locket that I hadn’t worn in a long time. It was a few weeks before my wedding, I was unemployed and terrified. More than a job, I wanted to know that everything was going to be okay. I found the locket while I was cleaning my room at my mom’s house, and I thought I would find my favorite scripture 2 Nephi 5:27 in there: “And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness.”

Instead, I found this scripture:


And then I wasn’t so afraid.


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