our story from his point of view, beginning with his story*

I was born on the11th of May in the year 1990 and was destined to be raised in the calm and quiet suburb of Irvine. It felt that my life was destined to be a dull life, but I made a conscious effort to liven it up. I began my dare-devil career early, with simple stunts such as rolling in wagons down hills, riding wax paper on slides, tree climbing, and park bench jumping. I lived a rather normal life and started my education career at an early age. In fact, I excelled so well in preschool that they kept me another year (others would have you believe the contrary). I didn’t let my educational career get in the way of my dare-devil ways, and my broken arm the summer of 19xx/200x is a testament to that. This made the beginning of my 2nd grade start out roughly, but I pulled through and began expanding my interests. In the 4th grade, I started learning to play the violin, which I quickly ditched for the trumpet in the 5th grade, having come to the realization the violin was not my forte. In the 6th grade I started piano lessons, adding another instrument to my repertoire. I graduated elementary school and moved onto middle school, where I added planes and roller coasters to my list of passions. Middle school then led to high school, where I became a member of the marching band, and came to the realization that I would eventually want to be a pilot. Many friends were made in high school and summers were spent working at the local water park. After the close of my High School career upon in 2009, I prepared myself to depart on my mission to the Guatemala City North mission. I spent my time serving there until March when I had to return home early. After that, I began going to Orange Coast College, where I started learning to fly, thus beginning on the path to my career as a pilot. However, this was not all that occurred. It was during that summer of 2010 that I first met Brenda; my favorite memory of that summer with her was our first FHE together. It involved us being tied together at the arms. Forget 7 seconds in Heaven, this to me was Heaven. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until October that we began hanging out more consistently, usually at the institute. By November we were spending more time together, and come January I was just so head over heels for her that I had to ask her to be my girlfriend to steal the kiss I had been wanting to steal since that first FHE together. As we grew closer together and more in love, it became obvious that we both wanted to be with each other forever, so we looked for rings and I worked my butt off to save some money. On July 9th, 2011, I asked her to be mine forever. And the rest? Well that’s still to come.

*This was first written by Tyson for our wedding website, which we never really got around to publishing, which is a shame, because it’s super cute, though unfinished. Intrigued? Here it is:



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